• Apex Shiloh Shepherds [email] studs | pets | Sylvia Golenbiewski | Cary NC 
    I hope to become a small breeder of the amazing rare breed Shiloh Shepherds. My sole purpose when I breed will be to produce something very specific and special in order to improve the Shiloh Shepherd breed. My goal is to produce Shilohs with excellent temperaments, size, and substance that are well balanced, athletic and physically sound.
  • Madden Howlin Hills  [website] puppies | pets | Steve Mekkelsen Madden | Lenoir NC 
    We are breeders of ISSR Shiloh Shepherds. We have placed our Shilohs in homes requiring Service Dogs, breeding and as pets.
  • Royal Shilohs [website] puppies | studs | pets | Beth & Kevin Brown |  Goldsboro NE
  • Semper Fi Shilohs [website] puppies | studs | pets | Barb & Doug Kirtley | Horse Shoe NC
    We felt so unique in owning this breed we wanted to share this experience with others and so, Semper Fi Shilohs was begun. As the motto Semper Fidelas so befits the Marine Corps, “always faithful” befits this breed of gentle giants without question. Home of Teufel, Pepper, Sniper and Libby. Puppies occasionally.
  • Takoda Shilohs [website] puppies | Ina McDonald | Wilmington, NC
    Takoda means a friend to all and that is what we are striving to be at Takoda Shilohs.
  • Triad Kennels Shilohs [email] pets | Olga Beeren | Lexington NC 
    I have 3 shilohs: Triad Kezia’s Rage of Desert, Triads Samanthas Rage of Desert, Joshua, a 3 1/2 month male puppy out of Jake and Karly. I am one of the registrars of the Winston-Salem Dog Training Club and sometimes I assist with the training of dogs. I’m a strong believer in obedience training of any dog.