• Highlander Shiloh Shepherds [website] puppies | studs | pets | Lyn & Marc Segee | Mt Morris NY
    Highlander Shepherds is committed to stable temperaments, super intelligence and great size. We have both plush and smooth coat varieties, our breeding program is very selective and our litters are home raised. Remember, in the end there can be only one! Let that one be from Highlander Shepherds.
  • Howling Winds [website] studs | pets | Jan Lutsic | Johnson City NY
    I have been a breeder and owner of Shilohs since 1997. I am the proud owner of Howling Winds Kennel. Shiloh,”Lord Shy of Aslan and Sundance”, and Hajna,”Bearsloop Hajna of Petra Zion”, have been the foundation for our kennel. They have produced two beautiful litters. Hajna is now retired and she and Shiloh’s offspring are carrying on their great lineage.
  • Kindred Spirit Shilohs [website] puppies | studs | pets | John & Monica Popaduke | Hawthorne NY
    We currently share our home with 3 fantastic Shiloh’s and are extremely proud of their accomplishments