PacificCrest Tatum

  • Annie & Tatum (Breed Champion) [email] studs | pets | Debbie Stanton | Millville CA
    Our Shilohs are very much loved. You can’t just have one. We currently have Annie, our beloved pet, and Tatum, breed champion and stud dog!
  • Y’Draig Kennels [website]
  • pets| Dia Vickery | Southern CA
    Our girls live with us in our house – not just dogs, they’re part of our family. Living with these amazing creatures strengthens our conviction this is a spectacular breed that deserves to be cared for and cultivated. We will have special litters occasionally. If you’re interested, please contact us., We’re in both the beautiful San Fernando Valley, just 25 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, and in Walker Basin, a working cattle range in the mountains above Tehachapi and Bakersfield. Our Shiloh Shepherds are registered with the TSSR and our kennel is a members of the ISSDC.