• Atlantic Sable Shilohs [website] puppies | studs | Jayne Polman | Port Williams, Nova Scotia
    Home of Braemer and her beautiful daughters. Puppies occassionally.
  • Zephyr Shiloh Shepherds [email] studs | pets | Leslie Pike | Sydney, Nova Scotia
    Proudly owned by Miracle’s Zephyr to Heaven (Chewie), Zephyr’s Miracle #4 (Bruin), and Zephyr’s Full Throttle RSS (Bozley). We are a stud kennel only at this time.  We believe in breeding for the total Shiloh Shepherd; the ultimate, healthy companion bred for superior intelligence and intuition who can adapt to a wide variety of living and working situations. We strive to help produce dogs that are of sound mind and body, with the true Shiloh temperament and conformation. In our opinion, the Shiloh should be a formidable, athletic dog who is able to perform any task asked of him and always respond to his owner’s needs. While size is important, overall balance is more so and the Shiloh’s size should not impede his movement and athleticism. We believe that strict health testing is important in the development of the Shiloh Shepherd breed and that honest communication between breeders will help ensure the best breeding decisions for the future of this breed.  If you are in Nova Scotia and interested in meeting a Shiloh, please drop us a note! If you are a breeder potentially interested in using Bozley, our stud dog, please visit his stud page then contact us with information on your special girl.